Pins and Bushes

Pin, 2, black (stiff)60A1joins bricks and beams, does not turn freely
Pin, ball, black8A2pin with ball
Axle-stub, ball, grey8A2axle-stub with ball
Pin, axle-stub, beige (free)20A2pin with axle-stub, use for gears, etc.
Pin, axle-stub, blue (stiff)20A2pin with axle-stub, does not turn freely
Pin, 3, black (stiff)20A3longer pin, does not turn freely
Pin, 3, grey (free)20A3longer pin, free to turn
Bush, long40A4grips axle
Bush, short20A4grips axle, can also act as very small pulley
Pin, 2, grey (free)20A5joins bricks and beams, free to turn
Pin, 1.5, fits flat-arm10A5dark grey, joins flat-arm to brick or beam
Pin, 1.2, with knob10A5light grey, knob fits underside of brick or plate
Pin, 2, with bush20A6join 2 beams and 1 axle
Pin, 3, double8A6double pin, hole for axle in centre



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