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RoboRugby moves to Blackboard

In 2017, the robotics design project module will be based on the UCD e-learning system, Blackboard.  This web page is no longer updated.

What is RoboRugby?

RoboRugby is a game where small autonomous robots try to score points by moving balls into the scoring areas at each end of the playing table.  A match involves 2 robots and many balls of different colour and value.  Each match lasts for 60 seconds, and the position of the balls at the end of the match determines the score.

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you can watch it on YouTube instead.)

The robots are designed and built by students, mostly first-year Engineering students, working in small teams.  Each robot must be built from a standard kit of parts.  The robots are controlled by an on-board computer, programmed in advance of the competition.  There is no remote control - the team cannot intervene during a match.  The robots must rely on their programming and on information from sensors to navigate around the table, find balls and move them to the scoring areas.

RoboRugby students with their robots

Why RoboRugby?

Design and problem-solving are an important part of an Engineering education and there is no substitute for learning by doing.  The RoboRugby design exercise provides an interesting and enjoyable problem, with plenty of scope for innovation and creative thinking.

RoboRugby has formed the basis of a module: EEEN 10020 - Robotics Design Project



RoboRugby Logo

Students build their robot

Pictures below courtesy of Pierre Jolivet, UCD

Deep in thought...

After a collision

Novel ball collector

Siemens Logo For more than 155 years, the Siemens name has been synonymous with cutting-edge technologies.  Siemens' divisions are world leaders in automation and control, information and communications, lighting, medical, power and transportation.  Siemens and its subsidiaries employ 430,000 people in 192 countries.  Siemens Ireland has been a generous sponsor of the RoboRugby competition.
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RoboRugby Logo RoboRugby was created by lecturers Scott Rickard, Brian Mulkeen and Paul Curran with support from a 2004 UCD President's Teaching Award and the (then) Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at UCD.  We have had great support from technicians Frank Hoye, Declan Lehane, Liam Carroll, Luke Dalton and the late Gerry Hughes (RIP).  Project students Maurice Fallon, Liza Kierans, John Healy, Vincent Grace and Peadar Grant also helped in the development of the module, and many teaching assistants help to deliver it each year.  RoboRugby was inspired by the 6.270 robotics competition at MIT.


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