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RoboRugby Competition

The RoboRugby 2015 competition took place on Tuesday 21 April.  Twenty one unique autonomous robots, designed by teams of first-year engineering students, played 40 short matches to determine the winner of RoboRugby 2015.  Thanks to generous sponsorship from Siemens, valuable cash prizes were awarded to the designers of the winning robots.

Robots in competition


  Robot Designers
First Place Mega Hurts Bill Eviston, Cormac Fleming, Eoin Lambe
Second Place Beep Sleep Drive Repeat Justin Baniqued, Hugh Maguire, Barry Mulvey
Third Place C3PHOES Ailbhe Cunningham, Siofra Naughton
Innovative Design Award The Eastern Block Jaroslaw Blacharski, Ernestas Monkevicius, Svyatoslav Zherelin
Best-Looking Robot Got Balls Michaela Begley, Holly Loughman, Fionnuala Mc Court

For full details of all the matches and scores, scroll to the end of the page...


In each RoboRugby match, two robots compete against each other on a playing table with 16 game objects: 15 balls worth 1, 2 or 3 points each, and one cube worth -3 points.  The picture below shows the table layout used this year.  Each robot aims to score points by moving game objects into the scoring areas at the ends of the table, while perhaps trying to prevent the opposing robot from scoring points.  Each match lasts for 60 seconds, and the position of the game objects at the end of the match determines the score.  For more details, see the competition rules.

RoboRugby competition table


The ranking round was held on Wednesday 8 April.  Each robot was tested without opposition to determine its seeding or ranking for the tournament.  This produced a wide range of results, with a best score of 24 points.  The matches revealed design flaws in some robots, but the teams still have time to fix these before the competition.

The ranking is in the table below.  The tie-break rules were used a few times to separate robots on equal scores.  The details are available here.

Ranking Team Name Score Team Number
1 Baconator 248
2 El Bola 1620
3 BoweBot 1019
4 Tobor 914
5 C3PHOES 95
6 Timmy 715
7 Fellowship 621
8 Mega Hurts 418
9 Neglect 36
10 BpSlpDrvRpt 312
11 Schmetterling 216
12 Yabba-Doo 210
13 Blitzkrieg 22
14 GadaffyDuck 111
15 M.Machinima 19
16 Stefano 11
17 Got Balls? 017
18 EasternBlock 07
19 ItOnlySmellz 04
20 Usain Bot 03
21 RoboDriscoll 013


The competition takes the form of a double-elimination tournament.  Two robots compete in each match, and the winner proceeds to play the winner of another match as usual.  However, a robot that loses a match gets a second chance - it goes on to play against other robots in a similar position, and can eventually fight its way back to victory.

A robot is only eliminated from the tournament after losing two matches.  The tournament ends when only one robot remains, and that robot is the winner. 

The diagram below shows the results of all the matches in RoboRugby 2015 (printable version).

RoboRugby 2015 Results


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